Check Verification

Check Verification

Online Check Writer checks work just like regular checks. Bank Verification is required in some cases, which tells us that the bank information is right. However, we cannot confirm that the funds are present as we cannot see, nor do we save, that information from our customers.  This is no different than writing on a personal check. 

A QR code is attached when printing on white paper with the information of the check and assuring that it was made through us. Bank Verification is also required for this. 
However, should money be returned or taken out, it does not go through Online Check Writer. It goes through the bank.  

True authentication can only be provided by the bank or by the Payer.

As a security and safety feature for our customers, Online Check Writer cannot divulge any information about payee or payer, other than what is already presented on the check. We can, however, check if there are any abnormalities on our end and help notify involved parties.
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