How can check verification be done?

How can check verification be done?

Online Check Writer checks function similarly to regular checks. In certain situations, it may be necessary to verify the bank information to ensure its accuracy. However, there is no guarantee of the availability of funds, as the platform does not have access to or store the information provided by its customers. This process mirrors the act of writing on a personal check. 

 A QR code is attached when printing on white paper, containing the check's information and indicating that it was processed through the service provider. However, any money refunds or withdrawals do not pass through Online Check Writer; instead, they are handled directly by the bank. 

True authentication can only be provided by the bank or the payer, according to Online Check Writer's policy. To ensure security and safety for customers, company refrains from disclosing any details regarding the payee or payer, except for what is already evident on the check. Nevertheless, Online Check Writer is capable of examining its own systems for any potential irregularities and can assist in notifying the relevant parties if necessary. 

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