Do I need special printer and printer toner?

Do I need special printer and printer toner?

No, today, many US banks use Optical Check Readers (OCR) to scan the checks printed on blank stock with regular office/home laser printers. After Check 21 Law (The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21), Checks are allowed to be replaced by images (Substitute Checks) for faster processing through images. Creating a digital check image can fast-track processing using the “Check 21” system already in use by most banks. Most of the banks today have updated scanning technology and do not require the MICR after Check21 Act. Even though, Many banks and check cashing places keep MICR Reader, which has not been replaced with an OCR reader. Be that as it may, ATM Deposits and Mobile Deposits are officially processing through OCR perusing and image process.
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