How check draft works?

How check draft works?

A check draft often called Bank Draft, or a remote Draft is a legal copy of the check that is created by the merchant. This is a way for you to create your client's checks remotely, without it requiring a signature.  

Due to the legal and sensitive nature: this feature is an add-on and does not come included in any of the subscription plans.
While a free trial is available, all checks printed using this feature will be void until verification. 

Please watch this brief video for quick reference
An alternative to this is to simply Request A Check from the customer through our site. 

The Check Draft feature is automatically on the demo mode. To enable this feature:
      -You must fill out the application and send some verification requirements
            +Click Check Draft> the first Check Draft option> Enter Now on the bottom right corner of the page
            +This will take you to the Check Draft page. While a free trial is available, all checks printed using this feature will be void until verification 
      -On the top of the page, there will be an Enable-Feature Option
            +Click the Click Here link> answer the prompted question (Yes/No)> Click Apply now 
            +Your request for Check Draft Enabling is now sent to us
            +Please download the file and send it, along with all required documentation, to us at

To create a Check Draft:    
      -You can create your own check drafts for one time or recurring checks
          +Click the green New button>Select your client and enter all relevant information> * then save
                 *if you need further approval from your client click the green Ask for Permission button before you save
                  This will send them an email for approval purposes
      -The new check is now added on the check draft list and you can now click the blue Print button. 
            +Notice the status changes

Approve, Request, Reject a check draft:
      -All this can be done by going to the second option called Request/Received Panel
      -To request a draft:
            +Click blue Create Form button> and share the Direct Link
            +Received Forms will show under this tab


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