How do i edit my payee check?

How do i edit my payee check?

To go Check >> Click 3 dots on right hand side under action >>  Click edit or choice your option.

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      1      When you create a New Check at the bottom of the small window you can see a checkmark to                                       Print without Amount, Payee etc 2      The second way is to ...
    • How can I add a new payee?

      You can add a new payee in three ways. 1- when you create a new check, click on the “new payee” button right on the top next to the check number. 2- you can go to setting on the top right of your account, then click on the “Setting” then “Payee.” ...
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      Step 1: Click on '+New' in Check List. Step 2: Click on 'Add Button'  Step 3: Enter your details and click on 'Add'
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      Online Check Writer checks work just like regular checks. Bank Verification is required in some cases, which tells us that the bank information is right. However, we cannot confirm that the funds are present as we cannot see, nor do we save, that ...
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      Step 1 Choose New Check Step 2 Find an option to choose to print check without amount/sign/payee/date Step 3 Save and Print your Blank check