How To Customize your check design

How To Customize your check design

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    • Creating Blank Check single or Bulk

      1      When you create a New Check at the bottom of the small window you can see a checkmark to                                       Print without Amount, Payee etc 2      The second way is to ...
    • How to customize your check design

    • White Paper Check Template

      This check can be deposited through the same means as a regular check. However, as this is newer technology,  we recommend it be deposited through ATM  or your bank's E-Deposit feature.  Legally the only way a bank can deny this method is if they ...
    • How to add signature on Check?

      Step 1 Select Setting Tab  Choose Check Design/Bank Account Step 2 Choose Add signature after selecting Bank Account Step 3 Draw Signature using Mouse or send code to Phone to sign on phone                                        
    • How do I adjust the format for the check I want to print?

      Step 1  Please select the Setting Tab. Step 2 Please select Check Design Step 3 Choose Edit and choose the different elements on the check you require to change