How to mail a physical check

How to mail a physical check

The standard Delivery for each check is $1.25.  We pay for the stamp, high-quality check paper, envelope, printing with MICR ink, labor, and delivery to the Postal office.

The check leaves our facility in under one hour, guaranteed to be sent out by 3 pm CST. This deadline is due to postal service times.  However, we do offer alternative shipping methods and pricing

Please be aware that in order to mail checks through us you need to:
      -Have a verified user account
      -Subscribe to a plan
      -Have a verified Bank account
      -Upload funds (mailing fees)
      -Create Payees and add their address 

Once the check is created:
      -Select the check> click the blue Mail Check button
      -Take a moment to verify that the shipping method and information is accurate > then click the green Submit button
      - Notice that the Status of the check will change from nothing, to Printing, to Mailed as your check is processed  
      - The check is marked Mailed once it reaches the Postal Service, and standard delivery takes 3-8 business days. 
            --Delivery will vary based on shipping method and location 
            -- We abide by Postal and Bank regulations, if a signature is missing or an address is incomplete: we will hold your check and try to contact you to fix the problem.

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