How to mail a physical check?

How to mail a physical check?

To send a physical check via mail, follow the steps below: 

  1. Select Bank Account as the payment source and Check as the payment method from the payment module.

  1. Enter the amount and other details. 

  1. Click on the send button and select Mail. 

  1. A popup will appear.

  1. Select First Class with Tracking to track your mailed checks and click Mail Now. 

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    • How much does it cost to mail a physical check using Online Check Writer?

      A standard mailing fee of $1.25 per check is applied. This fee covers the cost of the stamp, high-quality check paper, envelope, MICR ink, labor, and delivery to the post office on the same business day. It's important to note that the $1.25 First ...
    • How to create a blank check as single or bulk?

      Step 1: Login to Online Check Writer and select Home. Step 2: From the payment module, select Bank Account as 'Pay From' and Check from 'Pay As.' Step 3: Click on the Blank Check tab at the bottom, which takes you to the pop-up window. Step 4: Select ...
    • How to mail your check with white labeling?

      White labeling is available at Online Check Writer. Mail your check with white labeling so your customer won't see that you're using Online Check Writer to send the checks. Benefits of white labeling: The check appears to be issued by your company ...
    • Do I need to verify my bank account to mail a check?

      No. You can send checks through the mail without bank account verification. The process of mailing checks typically does not involve immediate account validation. However, it is advisable to ensure accuracy and security when sending or receiving ...
    • Why is there an issue with mailing the check even though my bank is verified?

      A subscription and bank verification are needed to mail physical checks. If an error occurs when clicking "Mail Check," it could indicate that either the bank is not verified, or a subscription plan is required.