How to print on white paper?

How to print on white paper?

Check paper is encouraged but not necessary. Our checks work just like regular checks; this includes checks printed on white paper.  As per the Check 21 act, printing on white paper and the non-use of Magnetic Ink is an acceptable format for check printing. 

This check can be deposited through the same means as a regular check. However, as this is a newer technology,  we recommend depositing it through ATM or your bank's E-Deposit facility.  Legally, a bank can deny this method if they have other reasons to believe in fraud. If the check is for a significant about of money, this can be their reason.   

 How to print: We highly encourage you to use Google Chrome and a desktop if possible.  

      -All created Checks will show up under Checks List > Select the checkbox > Click the white Print on White Paper button
            --You will notice two print options. When in doubt, select Simple print as this is the option that has the endorsement line. 
            --This will entirely depend on your banking institution. 
      -The Print Preview will open a new tab > click the Print icon on the corner of the screen > and select the Print button 



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      This check can be deposited through the same means as a regular check. However, as this is newer technology,  we recommend it be deposited through ATM  or your bank's E-Deposit feature.  Legally the only way a bank can deny this method is if they ...
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