How to verify email and phone number?

How to verify email and phone number?

Becoming a verified user consists of verifying your email address and phone number. If the account was created as a user for another account, this process is mandatory to accept the invitation. 

In all instances to verify your account: 

            -Please Click on verify your Email 
            -Your email will be automatically filled in verify it is correct> Click Submit                                                                                      
            -Please open your email on a new tab if necessary
                  --You will have received an email with a verification code
                  --Enter this code> then click Next
            -You will be redirected to continue by verifying your phone number
            -Enter your phone number > wait for the code> Type in the code, and you're done
                  --Note: You will be sent a text message for verification. If you need to verify a landline, contact our support team.

You may refer to the bottom screenshot 

Once both steps are completed, your account will now be a verified user account. 
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