I see this is an option but it's not working

I see this is an option but it's not working

Online Check Writer is constantly updating and changing to suit our customer's needs. 

Currently, we have two major options still in Beta Trials that are offered and advertised, but under development. 

Mobile App:
      Our app, while available and functional, is under a constant period of maintenance for now. We are working hard to fix any possible problems, and present all our clients with a clear and functional app. As of right now, it's difficult to give a deadline for this. However, we project at least one more month of maintenance interruptions. In the meantime, our desktop version should be fully operational.  Please bear with us as we make this transition. 

Direct Deposit: 
      Yes, this option appears on our site and Mobile App. This is a function that we offer, however it is non-opperational for now. Direct Deposit is currently under Beta Trials. All things being equal, we are projecting to have this feature set up in two weeks. After which it might be subdued to brief moments of maintenance as unforeseen problems or solutions arise. 
      An alternative to this is to download your own Bank's app. Most banks have the option of taking a picture with your phone and depositing checks in this manner. 

We acknowledge that this is an inconvenience. Please understand that in order for us to work on as many foreseeable problems as possible, before we fully launch, it is necessary for us to be able to access and test these features through different means. So, whereas the advertisement of these functions can be misleading,  know that we fully intend to fulfill these promises. 
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