Why information is required

Why information is required

In order to create a blank, or test check, personal information is not required. Filling out the information, however, is needed. This information does not have to be factual. It just needs to fill basic requirements (i.e. Routing numbers must have 9 numbers, and the Bank Name must be a bank name). This information can all be edited or removed under the Settings tab > Check Design/Bank Information later. 

Our system is designed to be user friendly and fast for first-time users. We want you to get the best possible start.  This is why our default setting for new accounts is to walk you through the entire process one time. After this anything can be added, taken away, fixed, or changed. However, note that this is simply set up to be a test check for new customers to get to know our system. 

Online Check Writer does not save any numbers, or information, other than log in for our site. We have no control over any bank information. Any information you delete or add on your check is unknown to us. We cannot restore bank information, find it, or share it back to you. Once you take information away, it's gone. If information is typed down, we still do not control it.
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