How to manage your payees?

How to manage your payees?

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    • How to download payees report for a specific period?

      Step 1: Click on More and choose Report . Step 2: Choose Get Report. Step 3: Please select the appropriate options to either send to your email or download.
    • What is Default Payment processing, and how is it done? (Process Now)

      A default payment process means the user can set a default payment method for payees. For example, if the user has five payees, the user can set how these five payees can process the check as an e-check, mail check, or printed check. Afterward, the ...
    • How to delete a payee?

      Step 1: Go to the payees list. Step 2: Click on the three dots next to the payee you want to remove and simply click Delete.
    • How to import Payee list from Excel?

      Step 1: Go to Payees from the side panel and click Import on the top right corner. Step 2: Upload the document and click Import. Step 3: Match the data using drop down box and click the Submit.
    • How to add a payee?

      Step 1: Go to Payees. Step 2: Click on +Add. Step 3: Enter your payee details and click on Save.