Why My Check/Bill pay By Check Not Coming

Why My Check/Bill pay By Check Not Coming

If you have directly come from QuickBooks and your data is not coming, please do the following

  1. Goto Settings>QuickBooks Connect
  2. Please disconnect your company
  3. Please Connect your company/Client from here
  4. Then try it should work


1.If you would like to bring your bills to print your check. Make sure you have paid your bill by check from QuickBooks Pay Bill option.

  1. The check will come automatically.


  1. If you see an extra date is coming on the left side of your check and website address is printing on your check you can easily remove it.

Go to check List from the left panel: find any blank space of onlinecheckwriter

>>press right button or (ctrt+p)

>>then click print

>>then click more settings from the left print menu

>> unchecked header and footer

>> Now you can select the checkbox (which check you want to print) then click print,it should remove date and website url from the website

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